Saturday, October 23, 2010

Death of a Cupcake Ghost - A Pictorial

Once, there lived a gang of cupcake ghosts. They were bad. Bad to the bone.

Pumpkin was the leader of the gang.
I'm bad. You know it.

Pumpkin is sooooo bad. *swoon*

One day, Pumpkin wandered into the lair of a radioactive cupcake eating spider.
I can take this spider! I'm bad to the bone! Bring it, spider!

The gang looks on in horror as Pumpkin's situation becomes dire.
Hey, spider! Get off our leader! We'll smoosh you like a bug!

It suddenly becomes obvious that Pumpkin and the gang are no match for a radioactive cupcake eating spider.

Nooooooooooo! Pumpkinnnnnnn!

The End.

The cupcake: Pumpkin Spice, using the same recipe as Week 4's chocolate pumpkin, but with spice cake. They're mini cupcakes rather than big ones. You can get abot 60 minis from this recipe.
The frosting: Cream cheese, also using the recipe from Week 4.
The faces: Mini chocolate chips. Good for mimicing the horror of ghostly prey.

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